Peaceful Valley Farm - Projects / Courses

We run special courses from time to time - to get more information on the courses below please click here to contact us by e-mail.

1. Superadobe Workshop Course
Currently we are reconstructing back part of our house into a 2 floor storage room using ecologic Superadobe technique. During the course, we are inviting you to join and actively participate in this live project which will not only give you a chance to gain real experience in building ecologic, lasting and inexpensive shelter-homes, but also encourage your personal initiative and involvement in a team work. This is a live-and-learn experience which opens up the path to your inner resources of true learning.

The main learning aspects of the workshop:
¨ Principles of sandbags filling;
¨ Constructing solid walls;
¨ Constructing and inserting windows and doors;
¨ Building a roof.

2. Permaculture Design Certificate Course
This part of the course will give you a chance to  observe nature, interact with it and by doing so naturally develop a sensitivity to the patterns that exist in the nature, which is a key to learning Permaculture. Along with everyday interaction with nature, you will get all the necessary training  (e.g. Principles and Ethics of Permaculture; Designing for Different Climatic Zones; Soils, Plants, and Trees; Utilizing Micro-climates; Eco-Building; Planning the Homestead; Bio-Fuels; Managing the Garden; Small-Farm Strategies; Large-Farm Possibilities and more) and guidance  from a professional Permaculture teacher Lesley Martin, who has been sharing her knowledge and experience for over 15 years now and at the moment is a residential teacher in Permaculture School in Quinta do Vale da Lama, Portugal. After finishing this course, you will receive a certificate in Permaculture which will allow you to use the word  “Permaculture” in promoting your work or business as well as to spread and share your knowledge with new learners.

Course Extras:
Living in harmony with nature and its resources - from  learning to construct your own permaculture shower to designing your ecologic permaculture garden - is what you will be learning during this course. However, it is only one part of our existential duty to make this world peaceful. Following our philosophy of balanced, harmonious and healthy living within and without, we feel to share our experience and its benefits with our course friends. Therefore, during the 4 weeks time of the course, we offer you a chance to explore your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies while joining our dancing and sound meditations, as well as to take a glimpse to the world of Ayurvedic cooking and learn how to balance food in order to bring more harmony into your daily life.

Course Dates:
29 August 2015 until 11 October 2015
26 March 2016 until 8 May 2016

Please enquire about the course prices.

This includes:
· 6 weeks participation in combined Permaculture and Superadobe course (with course on weekends and working on our organic farm during the week);
· Permaculture Design Certificate;
· Learning materials;
· Camping accommodation at the place of the course;
· Breakfast and healthy vegetarian Ayurvedic meals for lunch and dinner;
· Special! - opportunity to attend traditional Medronio drink making at the completion of the course;

* This course has limited number of places, therefore we recommend an early registration.

3. Other Courses:

18, 19 and 20 March 2016 - Building a Composting Shower.

21 and 22 May 2016 - Workshop on how to make natural soaps.

11 June 2016 until 21 June 2016 - Building a composting toilet with Superadobe techniques.